Sunday, December 25, 2011

How to Make "Melting Moments" Shortbread Sandwich Cookies

Also known as "yo-yo" cookies, these are popular in Australia and New Zealand, but I managed to find a recipe with American measurements.

I get a craving for these every once in a while, and I'm never sure they're going to turn out. The cookie itself is pretty simple, and I decided to do a very basic icing instead of a more elaborate filling like some of them out there.

I had my doubts, but when they came together, it was the exact flavor and texture combination I was looking for! If you do an image search for these cookies, you can find lots of appetizing combinations. Appearance doesn't seem to be my winning feature in cooking, but I can guarantee the flavor!

The cookie recipe I used is this one:

And for the icing I used this:

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