Thursday, November 21, 2013

How to Make Empress Chicken

This recipe is my go-to homemade/"take-out" Chinese recipe! Other than fried rice, of course. It is so simple I tend to bypass it, maybe because I'm usually looking for more of a challenge?

Empress Chicken on Rice
The ingredients I almost always have on hand, and you could vary it in a number of ways-even just take the sauce and make up your own stir-fry.

As I said it's a simple recipe. It does take about 45 minutes as stated, but you could stop and start if needed. Make the sauce/rice ahead of time, chop veggies or meat earlier in the day, take a break before you add the sauce, etc.

My suggested variations: add some veggies! (I have done cabbage and broccoli on separate occasions) Maybe pork would work instead of chicken? Or even shrimp (though probably without the breading)? Spiciness factor can also be tweaked. As far as the rice goes, you could make it fried rice instead, or substitute noodles.

Link to original recipe: Empress Chicken

P.S. I have to confess that I have no idea what restaurant Empress Chicken is supposed to look or taste like! I'm not sure I have ever actually seen it on a menu. But in my opinion this tastes better than most takeout. :)