Sunday, March 30, 2014

Food Art: Tomato "Ladybugs"

This is a little treat we had for a holiday, I think it must have been New Year's Eve. The smoked salmon with the tomato probably wasn't the best combination, but the visual presentation was great. I wonder what other fillings would work?

Tomato ladybug tea sandwiches


-sliced baguette or bread of your choice cut into appetizer size
-sandwich spread of your choice
-cheese or meat as a base (maybe a softer cheese would work because it would help the ladybug stay on at the same time?)
-black olives (some chopped, some left whole or halved)
-greens for decorating


-prepare the bread and assemble sandwiches, not yet adding the tomato
-close to serving time, cut tomatoes in half, then slice 3/4 of the way up to create ladybug wings
-use olives to add heads and spots to the ladybugs
-assemble festively on a plate, using greens for decoration
-serve promptly as tomatoes may saturate the bread, though it depends on your sandwich filling