Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Corn/avocado salad with shrimp and wild rice

Flavor and color explosion!

Now that I am looking at the original recipe in the NYTimes, I'm questioning if this is even the right one. You can compare their photo to mine and play "spot the differences." Or read my explanation below!

My mom and I both thought this recipe sounded good, particularly with the inclusion of avocado, leftover corn on the cob, feta cheese, and a lime dressing. Great flavor combination! The cherry tomatoes from the original recipe stayed, too.

What we added: Chickpeas, artichoke hearts, radishes, and carrots.

How I ate the leftovers: served with wild rice and marinated shrimp.

This is probably not one I would attempt in Russia due to the grocery offerings, but I'd have it again during an American summer for sure!