Friday, October 22, 2010

How to Make Sushi! (In Russia)

Time to FINALLY post those recipes I've been thinking about for...oh, the past month or so!

Sushi can obviously be made in a variety of ways. I had never tried it before because it seemed like a hassle to gather all of the components. But some friends taught us how and I was surprised at how easy it was. I don't know if I would do it often, but it is a fun social activity, and even kids can help (see picture further down).

Now that the nori wrappers and things like pickled ginger are sold in St. Petersburg and the other ingredients are fairly basic, it seems more practical.

Ingredients (use your own judgment for quantities):

nori wrappers
chilled cooked sushi rice (sticky)
cured salmon (the "salted" variety is used here)
cream cheese (a Russian "tvorog" or "brynza" can be substituted, and herbs and other flavorings can always be added)
soy sauce
pickled ginger

bowl of water for dipping hands
saran wrap

Prep: Cook rice ahead, chop other ingredients and set everything else out so it's in easy reach. Put a piece of saran wrap down under each wrapper before you start.

1) Dip fingertips in water and dribble some drops of water on the wrapper.
2) Take some rice and spread it out with your hands.
3) Starting at bottom edge, line up other ingredients, leaving space at the top.
4) Sprinkle water on top edge again and roll up, starting from the bottom. Place on plate and continue making rolls.
5) Slice into rolls and serve.


  1. I did this about month ago...haven't posted about it yet, but will with a picture!! One of the things I miss about Russia---we had some great Japanese moms make kimbobs alot!!

  2. What are kimbobs? Did you make Sushi with the whole family?