Friday, September 18, 2015

How to Make Rhubarb Crumb Cake

I'm so bummed I didn't get this post up while it was still summer! This was such a great way to use rhubarb, and I probably made it 3-4 times over a short period. If you have some frozen rhubarb, you could give it a try!


What I needed: A rhubarb recipe that didn't need a pastry crust, that used regular baking ingredients but sour cream instead of milk, and that was generally YUM.

What I found: The recipe is from the blog Smitten Kitchen, and she apparently had altered a New York Times recipe. I'd heard of Smitten Kitchen before, but her blog doesn't have a clear ratings system, and I was wary of trying anything without a lot of feedback first. But this cake definitely passed the test! Here's the link:

I followed the recipe to a T, though I probably halved it as I tend to do for our small family. The only place where I got tripped up was the crumb topping. And Smitten Kitchen had raved over the topping, so I felt bad changing that up, but I actually didn't have any brown sugar, so I looked for an alternate version, and came across the one in this muffin recipe:

It was perfect! Like I said, I made this recipe several times within a matter of weeks!

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