Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How to Make Scallion Pancakes

Need a scallion pancake fix? I don't know how "authentic" this recipe is, but it's fairly easy, uses common ingredients, and yields a nice result even if you're an amateur. I made these with my toddler by my side!

Crunchy and flaky!

I'd always wondered why this type of dough has to be kneaded and divided and sliced only to be squashed again. Turns out that's what makes it flaky. I went and read a few articles regarding just how many times you should repeat the process and how all the different factors play a role. But I'm happy with the recipe below as I wasn't trying to achieve the perfect flakiness.

Anyone have a favorite dipping sauce? I'm usually happy with just plain soy sauce or a flavored soy sauce, maybe mixed with a little sesame oil?

After getting the recipe (go here), be sure to check out their comments section too for some interest variations.

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